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The future of the $100 laptop in 2017

Laptop Questions

  1. Will the laptop be localized or will it be in English?
  2. What software is included in it?
  3. What is the life span of the laptop?
  4. Who decided the educational contents?
  5. What if the infrastructure does not support the operation of the machine?
  6. What happened at the end of the use of the laptop?
  7. How much is it?

Project Questions

  1. What is One Laptop per Child (OLPC)?
  2. Who will provide the laptop?
  3. Who will organize this project? Who are the main parties involved?
  4. Who is eligible to receive the laptop?
  5. How is the laptop distributed from OLPC to the children? (what distribution channel involved?)
  6. Who is going to monitor this distribution?


  1. Will the price fall below $100 by 2017?
  2. Will this create a competition from the commercial world?
  3. Does this project generate profit?


  1. Will there still be developing nations in 2017?
  2. Will this new education method replace the existence and functions of schools and teachers?
  3. How would they adapt to the mainstream computer system?
  4. Shouldn't eradication of famine and hunger come first than laptop project?
  5. To what magnitude the laptop will affect the life of a child?
  6. Will this increase plagiarism?


  1. How many children in the world now? In 2007?
  2. What is the current birth rate? Will there be an increase/decrease of birthrate by 2017?
  3. Which countries/continents will benefit from this project?

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