Will the laptop be localized or will it be in English?

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According to our survey, there would be a large possibilty that the OLPC would be localized. And the possible language which would be used in OLPC could be listed as follows, even through it is intensively debated.

Country Official Other Language(s) Region(s)
Argentina Spanish living languages: 25
Guarani Corrientes, Misiones
Brazil Portuguese living languages: 188
People's Republic of
(aka Putonghua)
living languages: 235
Cantonese Hong Kong, Macau (de facto)
English Hong Kong
Kazakh Ili Kazakh
Korean Changbai, Yanbian
Mongolian Inner Mongolia
Portuguese Macau
Tajik Taxkorgan
Tibetan Tibet
Uyghur Xinjiang
Zhuang Guangxi
Daur - regional -
Kalmyk-Oirat - regional -
Lu - regional -
Peripheral Mongolian - regional -
Central Tibetan - regional -
Uyghur - regional -
Xibe - regional -
Northern Zhuang - regional -
Egypt (Egyptian) Arabic living languages: 11
India Hindi
living languages: 415
sheduled official Assamese Assam
sheduled official Bengali Tripura, West Bengal
sheduled official Bodo Assam
sheduled official Dogri Jammu, Kashmir
sheduled official Gujarati Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman, Diu, Gujarat
sheduled official Kannada Karnataka
sheduled official Kashmiri Jammu, Kashmir
sheduled official Konkani Goa
sheduled official Maithili Bihar
sheduled official Malayalam Kerala, Pondicherry, Lakshadweep
Meitei Manipur
sheduled official Marathi Maharashtra
sheduled official Nepali Sikkim
sheduled official Oriya Orissa
sheduled official Punjabi Punjab
Sanskrit classical learning language
sheduled official Santali Jharkhand
sheduled official Sindhi Jammu, Kashmir
sheduled official Tamil Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
sheduled official Telugu Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry
sheduled official Urdu Jammu, Kashmir
French Pondicherry Union Territory - only
Libya Arabic (std) living languages: 9
Nigeria Hausa
living languages: 510
widely used Adamawa, Edo, Efik, Fulfulde, Idoma, (central) Kanuri
Rwanda Kinyarwanda
living languages: 3
Source: Ethnologue
Thailand Thai living languages: 74
Uruguay Spanish

Source: OLPC and Wikipedia

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