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About.jpg is the open space where we can publish scenarios, reflect on the process, share resources in an democratic, inclusive and continuous manner. is currently sponsored by the DTN, which since 1996 has been publishing scenarios online to grow the public discourse in this space. The philosophy is that we all benefit by sharing our thinking about this unique 30 year old process.

Material on this site is published under the creative commons licence and may be shared and used freely, as long as they cite the source. We encourage everybody to use scenario thinking, to aid more rational and long-term thinking in our organisations and institutions.

This site is based on the Wiki technology, which basically means that anyone can contribute to the contents of the site. In other words: every visitor is a potential writer and editor. There is a lot to know about using the Wiki technology. What you need to know to contribute to the Scenario Thinking site however can be learned in just five minutes.

Click here for the Five minute instruction on using the Scenario Thinking site.

For detailed instructions see the comprehancive user manual or the guide more general instructions on usage and configuration, from WikiMedia.

This site is primarily a site to share our thinking, not meant for personal promotional purposes. For that reason we ask everyone to restrict any promotional activity on this site, exempt on promotion of scenario thinking in general, to their personal page. If you sign your contributions with your username, people will be able to find your personal page. To find your or someone else's personal page go to 'Special pages'(you have to log in as a legitimate user to read the special pages) and then 'User list'.

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