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Bahadir Odevci
Liz Oldham
Shanoj Chandroth
Stephanie Veltkamp


Mashups of everything imaginable are appearing all over the internet, from blogs and real estate, to social networking and traffic news. Information is now being repurposed in ways never thought possible before. In the course of structuring our approach through the future of mashups, you can find below the questions that we thought of.


"The Web was originally designed to be mashed up," says Google Web developer Aaron Boodman.


1. Technology

2. Industry

3. Society

4. Ethics and Morals


What is a mashup?

How does a mashup work?

What is an API?

What are some examples of mashups?

What are the advantages of mashups?

Why do existing websites let their information be used for mashups?

What are the limiting factors for ubiquitous adoption of mash-ups?

What is enterprise mash-up?

What is SOA, how does it resonate with mash-ups ?

What is SOBA, can SOBA be thought of enterprise mash-up?

What is the future of mash-ups ?

What are the disadvantages of mashups?

Who are mashups targeted at?

What are the main issues with regards to mashups and copyright law?

Are there any changes being made with regards to mashups and copyright?

Security & Privacy with regards to Mashups

How can people learn more about mashups? Mashup camp?


What is Transactional Mashups?

What are the business implications of mashups?

Mashups – Application Exchange Services

Microsoft Business Solution Apps


Before we get to the scenarios, let's focus on the underlying reasons for the mashup phenomenon.

Technologists creating for ‘fun’

More than ever, the user experience matters

The desire for software reuse

Ad-hoc demand for services

Desire to make information more accessible

Advent of new web client capabilities

New opportunity to service customers or users

Tendency to catch up with the new industry standards

Customised needs of users

Emergence of broadband / growing online community / a new culture

Industry creating mashups to increase profit

Technology standard


Below is the outcome of an out-of-the-box thinking session we had about mashups. We tried to eloborate on the different forces that have effect on the mash-up system.

As a result, we mainly concluded on the existence of four predominant elements that have effect on the dynamics of the mashups: Society - Technology - Industry - Legal/Government.

High level abstract of the four major elements & Mashup system:


Brainstorming diagram:


System diagram of Mashup:




The group focused on three scenarios altogether, what would the outcome be if mashups were very successful, misused or continued to develope slowly as is the present situation.

Scenario 1: Mashup Mania

Scenario 2: Mashup Misuse

Scenario 3: Ever Evolving Mashups?





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