Research questions related to Internet in China

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1. How many people in China are using the Internet and the expected increase rate?

2. What are the main methods for Chinese people to get access to Internet?

3. What is the attitude of government to the E-commerce, E-government, online-game and etc?

4. Is there any laws or policies related to the Internet development, Internet crime and issues about copyright?
5. How is the infrastructure of the Internet in China?
6. How many national projects based on the Internet is in progress and planned?

7. How many Internet crime or sues happened last year in China?

8. How many websites are there in China and the average increase rate?

9. What is the revenue and the stock price of the 4 portal Website of China?

10. How many Internet Infrastructure Suppliers are there in China and who is the biggest and its market share?

12.Are there special policies related to the Internet in different provinces in China?
13.What is the impact of joining in the WTO to the telecommunication industry in China?
14.What is the annual chip production of Taiwan?
15.How many telecommunication equipments were imported to China in recent years?
16.Can people access to all kinds of online information?
17.What are the available online services right now?
18.How is China's economy going?
19.How much is the payment for Internet?
20.How many different paying methods are there,such like subscription,by time, or by data flow?
21.How much is the band width?
22.How much do the hardware devices cost?
23.How do users pay for Internet devices?
24.How much do people enjoy entertainment on Internet?
25.How much do people shop on Internet?
26.How much do people communicate with each other on Internet?
27.How much news and information can be found on Internet?
28.Compared with some other information channel,say TV,How much information do people get on Internet?
29.How much do people or companies use online facilities, such like online bank?
30.How many companies introduce in e-business?
31.How much can Internet help companies doing advertisement and survey online?
32.How much do companies spend on Internet, for instance, building web site or advertising?
33.What convenience does Internet bring to people?
34.What advantage does Internet bring to companies?
35.How much do people depend on Internet?
36.How much do companies depend on Internet?
37.How much is monthly income for a common Chinese family?
38.How much would a family like to spend on Internet?
39.What's the percentage would a company like to spend on Internet?
40.How long does a family surf on Internet per week?
41.What can people do on Internet with the current band width?
42.What do people do on Internet most of time?
43.How is Internet economy going?
44.How many web sites are available for Chinese users?
45.What's the future development of NGN (Next Generation Network) ?
46.What's the number of computers with Internet connection in China?
47.What's the affect of Bejing 2008 Olympic Games to China Internet?
48.How about the development of IPV6 in China?
49.What's the China goverment's budget for the research of IPV6?
50.What's the business opportunity of NGN?
51.How about the Mobile Network in China?
52.What's the major security issues of Internet?
53.How about the Hacker activities in China
54.What's the future of Semantic Web?
55.How about the development of Grid in China?
56.How about the development of Web Service in China?
57.What's development of Linux?
58.How about the Junk email in China?
59.How about the social status of the IT practitioner in China?
60.How about the status quo of ICT consultancy industry in China?
61.How about the wireless network standard in China?
62.How about China's main IT manufacturer?