What will the population look like in 2025?

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At risk of considerable generalisation, their environment could look roughly as follows:

• Many more grey-haired people will be in their vicinity than is currently the case;

• They will find themselves with at least four and possibly even five generations in the family alive at the same time, though not all under the same roof;

• Young families themselves will tend to be small, interacting with other small families; many of them will be single-parent and cohabiting-couple households;

• More young people will be preparing for higher education, especially girls;

• Young families living in urban centres will find themselves interacting much more with families of different ethnicity or of mixed origin; this will be felt especially at school and college as the numbers and shares of such children increase, exposing all children to a much richer range of cultural values and points of view (some consensual, some conflictual) in the classroom. http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/11/34/42551944.pdf