What are the current technological trends in the educational system?

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BY 1999 almost all teachers in the US had access to a computer, of which 84% had one or more computers in their classroom. In addition 95% of schools (but only 63% of classrooms) had access to the internet. Access to and usage of ICT in schools has increased on a global level and teachers and policymakers are considering how best to integrate new technologies into the learning environment. Fixed desktop computers are also making way to easily portable devices such as laptops, palmtops, mobile phones and tablets. These allow students to move around freely, to collect and share data and to communicate their whereabouts.

"Monitoring students' independent learning in these flexible environments will be supported by sophisticated new assessment technologies that will help teachers collect and analyze student data and make instructional decisions. These tools will continually assess students' work and provide feedback to them and their teachers. Such assessment has the potential to make time-consuming standardized testing unnecessary and to personalize the curriculum for every student. Ubiquitous, well-integrated technology tools will bring educators closer to redefining the educational enterprise and providing customized, just-in-time solutions for the learning needs of adults and children." [answers.com]