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At this moment there is no unified standard for E-Books. As can be seen in other technologies like HTML, XML etc. standards are developed by independent forums and open source initiatives. Since the E-Book is becoming more and more popular a standard for that will be made available in the near future. This standard will be used for all E-Books and will also contain a form of digital rights management to protect the copyright owner. Sources for this are for example the International Digital Publish Forum.


  • Demand from the general public for one standard for E-Books.
  • As more and more E-Books are being used the demand for a standard rises.
  • Trough fileshareing networks, like Bittorrent, books are exchanged as E-Books more often, a standard can rise also from this area of the public.


  • Google develops its own standard for E-Books and forces this standard to the users.
  • Adobe has a lot of interest in its PDF standard and is not willing to give it up for a unified standard.
  • Open source communities have several own standards that do not match the proposed unified standard.
  • Publishers are not making books available as E-Books afraid that lose money on pirated versions of books, like the movie and music industry.

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