The future of publishing and supply chain change

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Will there be some kind of bookTunes in the future were you can download eBooks just like you are downloading mp3s from iTunes. Will publishers get redundant because of the fact that all purchasing is done trough the Internet and books transfer instantaneously from writers to purchasers. Are publishers willingly to give up their strategic position in the supply chain and do we get exposure trough marketing and advertising just like it is done trough Myspace at the moment were artist are getting signed because of the fact they are popular and thus create a lot of page views.


  • Increases availability of books in the world
  • Sharing of books with your friends (social networking)
  • Create your own promotion
  • Create your own library
  • Easy overview of your books
  • More control from writers point of view


  • Does a book contains some kind of DRM
  • Are publishers redundant or can they perform a different task in the new supply chain
  • Standardisation of the eBook type and DRM is necessary




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