The Future of Corporate Websites in Europe

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Daniel Peters
Rosalie Kuyvenhoven
Seda Demircioglu
Jetske Tamboezer
José Nunes

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  • One Land, One Languague: both people and companies want transparency and openness. Websites are part of one big 'Global Village' where poeple and companies interact on a basis of trust.
  • Ivory Towers in the Bazaar: although people want transparency, companies have put their shields down. Merchants arise as intermediaries between both.
  • 1000 Islands:both people and companies want control. It is each for one own.
  • Desperate Salesmen in the Desert: People want control, but companies want transparency.

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Systems Diagram

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A world where real world and virtual sources of information lies side by side
Many lives are touched by the use of augmented reality or spent interacting in artificial spaces
Few lines divide professional time from personal time, and that’s OK

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