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Object from the future: Origami

Origami is the codename of the project that develops the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC).

Key Features

The UMPC is an evolution of the Tablet PC which was on its own an evolution of the laptop. The small form factor, the touchscreen and the modified version of Windows enables the owner to be more mobile than with a regular laptop or even Tablet PC and with lots more powerfull applications than on a PDA.

When it will be launched it will contain the following hard- and software;

  • Touchscreen (7" with minimum resolution of 800x480)
  • Modified version of Windows Tablet PC Edition or Windows Vista
  • Touch Pack Interface
  • >=1GHz Intel Processor
  • >=256MB Memory
  • >=30GB harddisk
  • USB 2.0
  • BlueTooth
  • Wi-Fi

Several manufacturers already have announced to also see built in GPS, webcams, memorycard readers, fingerprint readers and even TV-tuners. The UMPC will weigh around 2 pounds and will cost somewhere between $599 and $999 at launch.


The combination of the hard- and software allows you to use the device as a normal computer (especially when docked), communicator (can be connected to mobile phones as well), laptop, PDA and multi-media device while maintaining the benefits of each individual device.


Currently the main question is; are people ready for yet another mobile device to carry around with them on a daily basis? Therefor it should not be promoted as "another device" but stress that it will also replace some. Other points that deserve focus are;

  • weight reduction
  • cost reduction
  • increase battery life
  • increase computational power

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