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Remigius Barendse
Oude Singel 162
2312 RG, Leiden
The Netherlands


A product of the future which is available today is the PowerBall. PowerBall is actually the general term for this device which is also sold under a lot of different names.

The PowerBall is a gadget, but also a serious gyroscopically training device. The PowerBall consists of a ball within a 'case'. By rotating the PowerBall in the correct way the ball speeds up and the force increases. It is possible to reach more than 16.000 rotations a minute.

PowerBall’s come in different colours and with a variaty of options. It is possible to get them with lights (power is generated by the rotation) and with rotation checkers to see the number of rotations a minute you reach.


The PowerBall is already used by a lot of athletes to train their wrists and arms. Next to athletes the PowerBall is also for people who use their computer a lot to prevent RSI.

Every year a lot of people get RSI. Unfortunately there is no cure for this decease, but the PowerBall does prevent it if you don't have it yet. More and more time is spend behind computers and in the future most of the business will be online. RSI protection will be one of the most important aspects of our work.

Another nice feature of the PowerBall is the possibility to charge your mobile phone. This could be very handy in case of emergencies. But this is just a nice feature.

How it works

The PowerBall does not work on electricity, but fully on the rotation of the ball. For beginners it could be difficult to get the ball rotating. You could compare the PowerBall to riding a bicycle; it's hard to get started, but once is moving it is easy to continue the rotation.

By speeding up the rotation the force on the wrist and arm gets bigger. At this point it is also hard to hold the Powerball in your hand.



German report of the powerball: