Poverty and Economic Disparities

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Unfortunately poverty is still a global issue. This phenomenon is easily visible in underdeveloped and developing countries. In other parts of the world, some people are on the luckier side by being able to fulfill their life’s essentials and beyond.

It is perhaps impossible to eradicate poverty and economic disparities. The work that is constantly done in the world currently is to reduce these numbers.

Poverty has various effects in people's life but the one that is mostly related to this subject is the deprivation of education. The more crucial part is the access to education for the children as the potential key element that could break the poverty chain in the future generations.

Reducing the effect of poverty and economic gaps have become the motivation and driving force for many global initiatives including the One Laptop Per Child project. This project is intended to give education to children who could not otherwise taste the privilege.

With that purpose, it is hoped that the children could have more knowledge and skills that will help them and their families to break away from the poverty trap of poverty.


  • Unemployment
  • Geographic factors such as access to natural resources, water, energy
  • Natural factors such as climate and environment
  • Diseases
  • Government corruption
  • Overpopulation
  • War


  • Economic growth
  • Direct aid
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Foreign aid


A lot of initiatives are being done now to prioritize on the reduction of poverty among the world’s issues. This can be obviously observed from the setting up of many international bodies that focus on reducing poverty such as World Bank and IMF as well as the initiative from the UN under the Millennium Development Goals.


  • World Bank
  • United Nations: UNDP and the Millennium Development Goals
  • World Economic Forum

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