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Nowadays, in this modern society people get quite busy with their own personal business. People seldom have time to see friends, family or relatives. People need communication In order to maintain their friend- and relationships, people need communication. Besides, people now need plenty of information to deal their business. So they need a efficient way to get access to all the information they want. Internet provides people a quite efficient way to do communication as well as to seek for information.


  • Internet provides a convenient way for communication
  • Information searching engine


  • Some people prefer traditional communication such like post and telephone
  • It is not easy enough for all the people to set up some chatting tools


  • Video chatting
  • Audio chatting
  • Email
  • Real time chatting tools(MSN,ICQ )
  • Information searching engine(Yahoo,Google)



In 1990s, email became quite popular as a communication manner.
In the second half of 1990s, ICQ and OICQ quickly grew up, and became quite popular all over the world.
In 21st century, MSN was introduced in by Microsoft.

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