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Object from the Future

Netgear Skype WiFi Phone

The object represents a product, that over-time, can grow towards a more mature product that could "conquer" the world. Products, e.g. Skype, were very revolutionary in the beginning without any solid base of users. Nowadays, Skype is the leading VOIP company that has marketed this new phenomenon and just been bought by world's largest online market place (e-bay).

The Netgear Skype WiFi Phone is a mobile phone that enables you to make free Internet calls to anyone else in the world who has Skype. Instead of using a headset or USB phone that is connected to a PC, the mobile Skype phone uses a wireless network to setup a connection and is pre-loaded with Skype.


Skype uses secure and encrypted communication so nobody’s able to listen in. The NETGEAR Skype WiFi Phone is designed to deploy Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) for WiFi security.

Free HotSpots

With the introduction of the free WiFi hotspots for Internet Access also the potential for the Skype WiFi phone increases. On almost every international airport hotspots are available and can be accessed freely

Besides the arising hotspots, even cities are nowadays being provided with wireless internet coverage. Google already has made a bit to provide the entire city of San Fransisco with WiFi . And the city of Leiden also have started similar projects in the late 2003 with their own wireless internet

Skype WiFi Phone Potential

With more and more consumers adopting the WiFi networks at home and governments allowing companies to setup WAN/MAN networks for urban areas, the potential of mobile appliances connecting to this WiFi protocol is booming. Why pay for a monthly subscription fee while there is a (free) network that can be used for making the same phone calls? Traditional telephonecompanies (Telco's) fear these technology because in the past they had invest in landlines and now see that it can be done much cheaper, more efficient and everyone can do it.


  • Free Calls to Skype users
  • Can call to landlines by use of Skype Out
  • Can receive calls by use of Skype In
  • Mobile functionality


  • No standardized protocol to call to other VOIP providers (Yahoo, GTalk)
  • Calls to mobile numbers are very high
  • No worldwide/national WiFi coverage


The Netgear Skype WiFi phone has a bright future. That is one thing that is clear. It can be a challenger towards the mobile phone market because of its cheaper call rates (as long if it is to landlines) and investments can be kept at a low. But as long as there is no worldwide or national WiFi coverage the mobile WiFi phone will not be a big hit. For now this object of the future will be for the early adopters.



Object of the Future