Paper Industry and Environmental Issues

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Global warming and other environmental issues are hot topic nowadays, and more and more attention is paid on environmental issues. No other industry in the world produces as much environmental burden as paper-based publishing. Millions of trees are cut down every year for paper books, but paper-based publishing doesn’t only mean cutting down trees. It also requires huge amounts of energy and water, produces greenhouse gases and other pollutants, solid waste, chlorine and other toxins. E-books provide environmentally and economically a great solution by reducing paper and ink production, and they can be delivered to customers without distribution costs.


- Environmentally conscious people start reading e-books
- Environmental activists have started to pay more attention on printing industry
- Governments set new environmental regulations
- E-paper technology is developing
- Publishers save costs (paper, ink, distribution etc) when publishing more e-books


- People still prefer paper books
- Publishing industry is not seen as a real threat for the environment
- Publishing companies or government just ignore environmental factors


People all over the world have started to see the effects of global warming, and they are starting to realize that environment is really threatened. Everybody who know the environmental effects of publishing industry and start to read e-books instead of printed editions, can give their own effort to protect the environment.



- People, publishing companies and goverments start (or ar forced) to pay more attention on environmental factors in next years

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