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E-books provide for a reader many new attractive features compared to old-style printed books. E-books can be read on laptop or portable e-book reader, and therefore they are totally portable and accessible at anywhere in anytime. Based on personal preferences, a reader can adjust the layout, fonts and size, use highly developed search functions or play music and videos. The main goal of the future e-books is to offer to a reader “better than paper” experiences.


• Flexibility and accessibility.
• Layout, interface and size can be adjusted (font size and type can be changed, zooming in and out the document etc.)
• Highly developed search functions
• The book can be read in low lighting with a back-lit device
• Large storage capacities. Thousands of books can be saved and carried on one device and approximately 500 average e-books can be stored on one CD (compare how much shelve space they would need).
• A book can be copied and back ups can be easily taken. No risk on damage on the pages.
• Errors on the text can be easily corrected by downloading update files


• Readers prefer to read a book as an printed version, not on a computer screen
• Printing can be restricted
• E-book readers and screens are not yet enough developed
• Batteries run out




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