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The most listened to radio station in the US, 1010 WINS in New York, claims "You give us 22 minutes. We'll give you the World."

In years gone by people received information based upon the schedules and the designs of others. The BBC News was on at 6 and 10. Now BBC News 24 offers it 24 hours, 7 days a week. Financial channels now offer stock market tickers at all times. The CNN Headline News network, which is in almost every American household, only broadcasts on about 1/3 of the screen, the other 2/3 is filled with tickers giving headlines, sport scores and other info.

While there are still a few countries, such as the Netherlands, where people work the 9 to 5 schedules of yesteryear and live comparably slow lives, in much of the world people live faster and demand information quickly and efficiently on their schedule.

The web is the ultimate extension of this trend. It represents the ability to give people the information they want, when they want it. It puts people in the drivers seat to quickly get the information they want without wasting their time on information they do not. This applies not only to news but to other information, replacing everything from the library to the porno theatre. It offers the same content but in a fast, efficient and on-demand basis.

As people seek faster, more interesting and more adventurous lives, this driving force has made the internet a big hit.


Factors which strengthen this driving force. (these are actually other driving forces, and you can link to them in the wiki!)
1. The Internet, 
2. Proliferation of Broadcast Channels, 
3. Increasing global competition requiring a more dynamic workplace, 
4. The trend towards faster living, 
5. Urbanization, 


Factors which weaken this driving force. (these are actually other driving forces, and you can link to them in the wiki!)
1. European work rules, 
2. The demand for slower pace of life by some people, 
3. Traditions, 


Old: Other people (media, libraries, etc.) control when you get your information
New: You get your information on your own schedule.

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