Movement Towards World Unification

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The drive for World Unification is embodied by the increasing cooperation and dependency between governments. Unification can potentially lead to a single council representing everybody with certain jurisdictions and responsibilities. The amount of cooperation, dependency responsibilities and power of such a body can be used a benchmark to measure the unification ratio.


  • Globalization: Economy, culture.
  • Common threats: Terrorism, oil crisis, greenhouse effect, etc.
  • Technology and standards
  • International Organizations: United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO), European Union etc.


  • Nuclear weapon developments: e.g. North Korea, Iran, etc.
  • Polarisation: e.g. between islamic and western world.
  • Human nature: distrust, envy, hatred, anger, fear of different cultures
  • Nationalism
  • Balance of Power: Influential nations are very reluctant to give away power
  • Religion
  • Hard to manage and coordinate: Micromanagement still needed and what architecture to use?
    • Unification is more the question of what issues should be 'world' issues. And what other issues are less important, and can be governed locally.


The only good thing that came out of WWII was the institutionalization of common European government bodies to regulate coal and steel, the pre-requisites for building war equipement. Gradually this initiative evolved into a cooperative body (the EU) in which European countries got more and more dependant on each other. After agreeing upon a shared currency, common legislations and milititairy initiatives are the next steps.

Even between Europeans we are reluctant to fully integrate with each other. Imagine how long it will take to integrate seperate parts of the world, and have them cooperate to the extent of the EU. Probably humanity will be ready after WWIII.



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Questions to be asked for a new global government architecuture

[== I strongly beleive and i know that my beleives are true that there shall be no World war III because the Unification of all people will take a gradual prrocess though it might take ages to come to pass but our effort to creat and build a ONE WORLD will suerly be rewarded. There are lots of benefits for joining the movement for one world and some of such benefits are free education forr all our children, Low taxation, high standard of living and much more love will reigh and violence will seize to exist. Any one could join the movement today by logging unto] == Bold text