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Matt Stolwijk
The Netherlands

Drinving Forces

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Future object: Roller Controller

The Roller Controller is a device that can replace the regular game controller for children. The user sits on it, has large buttons to be controlled by use of the feet and looks a bit like a 'Skippy bal'.

The product won the 'best idea from The Netherlands' in 2004.

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The product replaces the ordinary game controller for children.


The Rolling Controller can make a change in the way children play.
Where they used to play soccer outside, they now play socces games on their computer. The Rolling Controller will make a much more active type of gaming possible that limits the difference between 'playing soccer outside' and 'gaming'.


The Rolling Controller is in the start-up fase. Growth opportunities are big because of the following reasons:

1) PC use is growing fastly among children
2) RSI is becomming a big problem in all layers of PC users including children
3) Existing anti-RSI products in line with this concept do not exist