Interview Questions

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Personal Role and Project Expectations
1) What is your role as a Chief Innovation Officer in the company?
2) What are your expectations from this project? How would you like to benefit from the project (for Sanoma/on a personal level)?
3) How broadly do you define education? What are your personal interests in tablets.
4) How do you think learning will be like in the future? Do you see any other innovation having an impact on the future of learning and education?
5) Reuse of content, what is the level of collaboration between the divisions of the company?
6) Which is the geographical focus that interests you?

Sanoma's Business Model
1) What is the current business model for Sanoma Learning and Literature?
2) Describe your main products (textbooks vs other learning materials)
3) Who are your customers and the market you are addressing? Revenue sources?
4) Who are your main competitors?
5) Suppliers (i.e. Who provides content?)

Sanoma's Industry
1) Is the industry driven by customers' demands and needs or is the company defining the future innovations (Apple)?
2) Do you view companies like Google and Apple's interest in media as a threat?
3) How do you see the market evolving in the short, medium and long term? What role do you see Sanoma playing in this market?

Obstacles to Adoption of Tablets for Education
1) Why tablets? Laptops and PCs were very slow in penetrating schools. Do you view tablets as a different case?
2) Laptops and PCs revolutionized the learning experience. Do you see tablets as an extension of this trend?
3) What are the practical obstacles to adoption of Tablets in Education
4) Do you see the tablets taking off? Under which conditions and when?
5) (optional) Is there a security protocol? How constraining is it?