Increasing income inequality in China

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Currently, China is pushing for urbanization as part of its modernization bid. If the rich-poor gap continues to grow,
it will hinder the development of Chinese cities. This will get the below problems
1)A widening gap between the rich and poor in cities may result in a multi- level urban society and cause confrontation between different groups.
2)The problem could breed more unstable factors which could endanger social stability and public security.


1) Must give priority to reform of taxation, social security, and more support for rural areas.
2) Considering collecting high-consumption taxation and legacy taxation as ways to reduce the rich-poor gap by
the Chinese government.
3) Measures include building a framework for helping poor citizens and measures to help those unemployed.


1) Large gap between the country's urban and rural areas and between the booming coastal regions and underdeveloped western regions.
2) Jobless workers and migrant workers.


1) Adopted the policy of reform and opening to the outside world.
2) The country's per capita GDP has increased by five times.



The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

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