Huge difference between the western and the eastern part of China

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Although China is the fatest developing country, we can not deny there is a huge difference between the eastern and the western part of China both in economic and social issues.In details, the living standard and the education level of the people from the eastern part is much higher than people from western part. This is a driving force to the development of Internet between east and west.


-Openning policy:The first open cities are all in the eastern part of China near the coast.
-The geographical difference: The eastern part are almost plain and hills but the western part are almost tableland and mountains.
-China is so big: Western part of China is very inland, the transportation of both products and information is not convenient.
-Different mind-set between the two parts: People live in the western part are almost minority people. So there are difference in mind-set.


-The development of telecommunication technology especially the Internet and satellite technology.
-The trend of "Global Village"
-Huge amount of natural resources in the western part.
-China government decides to develop the west: Government gives all kinds of aids or preferential duties to foreign and local investors who wants to invest in the west.
-The eastern part is quite mature: The population and economy of the east part is at some phase which will not have huge development rate. Now the huge western part is a large market and another important power in the China economy development.


If this trend still continues, there will be a big problem to China. Because there are too many people, too little resources and less and less land in the eastern part. If Chinese government does not develop the west part faster, there would be little development potential for China. People are coming to the eastern part. This will also cause severe social problems and increase the crime rate because of too few jobs but too many people. Unfortunately, we still see the difference is increasing. As it is showed that the GDP of the western part contributes to the whole country GDP keeps decreaseing and the contribution from the eastern part keeps increasing. In the development of Internet, this difference is even bigger. Based on some statistic research, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou occupy more than 50 per cent of the websites in China. And those provinces in the western part only occupy less than 7 per cent. Regard to the popularization of Internet, large cities mainly located along the eastern coast is 740 times than the rural areas mainly in the western part of China.


-Chinese government



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