How violence spoils your child

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Nowadays childeren show more aggresive behavior. Where they were used to play with each other nice games like hide-and-seek, they are now used to kick and hit each other. Many reasons are given over the years. The T.V was thought to be the media which transfered the violence shown on it to the mind of the childeren. This caused them to think that violence is normal. But video games has replaced the T.V as the media transfering violence. Video games make it possible to experience violent events better than the T.V. For example, video games teach childeren how to shoot at people very precisely.


Several factors contribute to more violence in video games:

  • A fierce competition in the video gaming industry forces the producers to come up with more violence in video games. Customers do not scare of blood anymore. They want to see more than blood. The result is that producers put more and more violence in their video games to hold customers' interest.
  • Better technology makes it possible to describe violent events more detailed. Several years ago you only shot down an enemy and saw no wounds, now it is possible to see someones heart beating after having been shot down.


Several factors inhibit the violence in video games:

  • Government can forbid the sales of a video game if it turns out to be too violence.
  • Reviews make it possible for parents to track the degree of violence in a video game. The Internet has a important function in it. It makes it easier to look up good reviews more fasten.
  • Technology can be used to filter violent events out of a game.


Violence in video games were thought to have no influence on childeren. The reason was that video games was meant as entertainment and the way how violent events were described was fun for the childeren. But over the years more and more of those events were put into video games. Nowadays it turns out that violence in video games has an negative influence on the behavior. The more you see it, the more you think it is normal. The result it that gamers act more violently than none gamers.


Many psychologists wrote books about violence caused by media. Famous ones among them are:

  • Dave Grossman: former psychologist of the army who argues that video games can turn kids into "killers". He wrote the books: "On Killing. The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" and "Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill"
  • W. James Potter: professor at the University of California who argues that the media use violence explicitly without judging the consequences. He wrote the book: "The 11 Myths of Media Violence".


  • 1992: Wolfenstein 3D, the first "first person shooter" game. First time that gamer can shoot at people.
  • 1997: Carmageddon, gamers are allowed to run over and kill people.
  • 2005: games are available which show violent events very detailed.

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