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Buying green products has been a slow-growing trend over the last decade. Reflecting the public concern about environmental issues and sustainability, the "green" market remains today an marginal market for those that have strong convictions and those that just surf over the wave of looking environment-friendly.


- government fiscal incentives for companies producing green and for people to buy green (ex: tax reduction for installation of solar panels)
- product innovation
- growing public awareness and concern for environment degradation and future lack of fossil fuel supply
- green marketing: opportunity for innovation, differentiation and attractiveness
- Societal trend (fashion): buying green and being green as the new hype standard
- good economy enabling people to invest and spend more for green products
- affordability of green products
- clearer literacy of green labels


- confusion of consumers with the green-literacy (too many labels, they don't know what they buy)
- over-marketing about green products present those more as commercial products than as environment-friendly/sustainable products(image issue)
- recession and decrease in purchasing power push consumers to buy cheaper products
- lack of supply/ offer of green products (ex: automobile)
- affordability of green products