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For example, the Dutch government has a long term spatial development plan called ‘Randstad 2040 Structural Vision’

The government’s aim with the ‘Randstad 2040 Structural Vision’ is to turn the Randstad into a sustainable and internationally competitive leading region. The Randstad in 2040 will be a leading region of international significance, and with powerful, attractive cities with convenient access by road and public transport alike. This region will have many different and attractive living environments, and sufficient green space and water for leisure activities.

PORT COOPERATION The aim is to utilize and add value to current strong position. Among other things, this would suggest more end-product manufacturing rather than only the transit of raw materials and semi-finished products. Indeed, end products have more added value. This strategy will create new opportunities for process industries to form clusters around the port.

In due course a joint international development strategy for the ports of Rotterdam could contribute to greater efficiency and an even stronger international position, with favourable consequences for large-scale investments, the environment and the claim on space.


1.The growths of the city and the port of Rotterdam are getting slower. The Dutch government will try to stimulate it by investing.
2.The public and businessman will argue the government to make it.


1.The Dutch government has not enough budget to invest the city.

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