Google's adaption to the Great Firewall of China

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--Ning 07:36, 6 May 2006 (MDT)


Expansion to a potential large Chinese market with more than 10 million internet users has always been a dream for Google. However, due to Chinese government's strict censorship regulations, Google had to launch a new Chinese service which accomodates the censorship demands from Chinese authorities. By doing so, however, Google has successfully penetrated into the largest internet service market in the next 10 years and established a "legal" image among Chinese netizens. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).


Google's localized services for China market

Accompanying the launch of, Google also established a new Google research center in Beijing China and began recruiting computer science and technology researchers and engineers from domestic Chinese talent market. Furthermore, more and more services targeted towards mainland Chinese users are being provided through Google's new China search engine site. By doing so, Google is confident to compete against its major local search engine competitor Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).

Google's complying with Chinese authorities

Not only does block political sensitive information which might be against the dictates of the Chinese ruling communist party, but also filters other search phrases which are not favored by the Chinese government such as "teen preganency", "homosexuality" etc. By complying with local regulations and censorship, can still operate its revenue generating services like its heavy advertisements customized for local Chinese companies. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).

Buzz among Google's Chinese users

Although Google' Chinese search service has not been in parallel with its strongest local competitor, most of Chinese Internet users are familiar with Google's brandname and are willing to explore the cyberspace through a different approach. With a healthy and innovative global brand image and buzz among Chinese net surfers, Google's Chinese local services have been attracting more and more Chinese people. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).


Critiques from the "free world"

Although Laryy Page argues that's filtering and blockage do not contradict with Google's corporate philosophy "Don't be evil" and reasons that providing users with limited access is better than nothing, many critics have expressed their worries about Google's operations inside China which have already been approaching to a direction that is against the freedom spirit of the Internet. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).


Due to the filtering and block against other Google search engine sites like, Chinese users are force by their government to search through the newly-launched site. However, the positive aspect of China's censorship for Google is that it can now operate as "legal" and "registered" internet service provider in China through site and Goolge's regular business can be put in operations and expanded as well. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).


Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).


In February 2006, Google Inc. launched its Chinese service search engine site which adheres to Chinese censorship policy. Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).

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Edited by Ning 13:35, 16 Apr 2006 (MDT).