Emergence of Library 2.0

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With the growth of internet and the globalisation of information (and free flow thereof), librares appear to become obsolete. However there is a belief that if the right actions are undertaken to change the nature of all libraries (version 2.0), libraries will continue to play an important role in the information age.


  • Web 2.0
  • Ubiquituous internet


  • Google books and alike projects
  • Free information


These days, the information age is developing into a transparant worldwide facility available to all users, provided that they have some form of Internet connection. Through the development of web 2.0, wherein any acknowledged Internet user can easily start a service, information syndicate and others, libraries tend to become a forgotten source of information.

Libraries should embrace the use of internet and provide a more decentralised approach to book databases (example). This means that inter-library lending should become seamless and plain simple to arrange. Whenever your local library does not have the copy of the book available, Internet services should provide the users with an option to either find the closest library nearby that does have the book, or an option to forward the book to the local library to be picked up soon.


  • Paul Miller, Technology Evangelist, Talis by email: paul.miller@talis.com

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