Dutch government stimulates Open Source software

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The Dutch government is a huge driving force for the development and usage of open source software. Not only by using open source software on a large scale. But also trough the Dutch organization: Ossoss which creates and maintains standards for open source software to be used within the government. If the government would severely change it's view on the future of open source software, this will have a huge effect on the open source industry. This driving force is also of great importance because of the likely effect on the total sales within the country. If the government will use and promote open source software even more, changes are this will influence the Dutch people.


  • Other government institutions
  • Increased awareness and willingness towards open source software
  • Smaller government ICT-budgets


  • Standing contracts with companies like Microsoft
  • Price dropping from suppliers like Microsoft
  • Costs of training personnel to work with new software


  • Sales of closed software will decrease if the government will draw large amounts of attention with these projects.


  • Open source developers
  • Governmental ICT experts


  • Begin 2003 - Start OSOSS
  • End 2005 - Evaluation of OSOSS

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