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One of the main obstacles for e-book break-through have been so far high prices, technical incompetence of e-book readers, and they still can’t compete with traditional books what comes to readability. The biggest problems have been the display and the lack of digital rights management (DRM) systems.


- The research and development of screen-reading applications has been started
- Continuous development of screens & digital rights management
- When the e-book readers develop, the prices will decrease


- Too low resolution: an optimal e-book reader needs at least 200dpi, and today’s reading devices have display resolutions from 72-106 dpi
- Slow development of LCD screens
- Too low battery capacity


E-book readers are portable and they enable immediate access on e-books. A reader doesn't need to go anymore to a bookshop to buy a book, and he or she can start reading the book immediatelly. When the displays are developed enough , the e-books can be read in low lighting or in bright sunny weather, combined with sound, images and videos.



- Big improvements on e-book reader screens are expected in next 5-10 years

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