Deforestation vs adult&drug tax

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Focal issue – how we can contribute in reducing/offsetting CO2 emissions

One of the millennium development goals is to ensure environmental sustainability
Addressing deforestation

Rate of deforestation – 13 million hectares a year. It is estimated that to restore biodiversity at sustainable levels, we need to restore forest land lost in 10 years i.e. 130 million hectares. Which is equivalent to 14 billion trees a year for 10 years.
One hectare of tree on average absorbs 6 tonnes of CO2
13 million hectares = 78 million tonnes of CO2 = 0.08 ppm reduction in CO2 of atmosphere which is 0.02% of today’ level i.e. 390 ppm
Current Atmospheric CO2 – 390 ppm (growing at 0.3% – 0.6
% every year)
350 is desirable 14 billion trees require $14 billion/year (UN - 1 $ a tree)

Cost to cancel out deforestation: $14 billion/year
Where can the money come from??

Source 1:
Adult Entertainment: Worldwide Industry size: $97 Billion (2006, Internet Filter Review)
China: 28% ($27B). South Korea: 27% ($26B), Japan: 21% ($20B), USA: 14% ($13.6B)
Current USA rate of porn tax is 18.75 to 25%
Usa at 13.5B at 5% increase in tax of revenue = $675 million
Japan at $20B at 5% increase in tax of revenue = $1 billion
$34 billion leads to $1.7 billion/year for Japan and US at 5%

Source 2:
Decriminalise Marijuana: Source: Column Five Media via the heralddaily Oct, 2009 (ALL USA STATS)
Black market revenue of marijuana alone is estimated at $141.8 billion (approx 50% of all illegal drug revenue) (source: havocscope, a database of black-markets)...reference: cocaine is $70 billion
1 person is arrested for marijuana every 38 seconds
49.8% of all drug related arrests are for marijuana
In 2007-2008, over 1.7M arrests made for marijuana
Cost to incarcerate for 1 year: $23,876 (2009 DOJ)
Tax-payers dollars spend to prosecute marijuana offenders: $12 billion/year
$12 billion includes: The societal costs of propagandizing against marijuana and marijuana law reform, funding anti-marijuana research, interdicting marijuana, eradicating domestically grown marijuana and industrial hemp, law enforcement, prosecuting and incarcerating marijuana smokers
Legalising and adding tax is another option which can add approx. $2.2 and $6.4 billion/year (USA alone) (source: The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition )

Revenue need to offset deforestation: $14 billion
Total revenue from taxing the adult entertainment industry in US/Japan @5%: $1.7 billion/year
Total revenue from decriminalising marijuana in USA: $12 billion/year
Total revenue from taxing marijuana in USA: $2.2-6.4 billion/year
Total revenue generated: $13.7 billion/year - $20.1 billion/year