Decreasing attention for software development

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The decrease in computer interest is paying its toll. People and specially companies are less interested in software development than 5 years ago. In the days of Windows '98 software use within companies was new and exciting. Many companies were introducing the first pc's and became interested in software which could be developed by themselves, like MS Access databases. Now, quite some years later, companies are experiencing the effects of this, every department has created its own software and chaos tends to be rather the rule than the exception. Nowadays, companies are loosing interest in software development and are choosing for standard packages like CRM packages in stead of developing software themselves. Whether this is a good or bad change is not the question for this driving force. What is clear, is that this change diminishes the overall attention for software development is decreasing.


  • Price dropping standard software
  • Costs of software development
  • Standing contracts with companies like Microsoft
  • Human Conservatism within companies


  • Open source developments
  • Anti-trust lawsuits against standard software suppliers.
  • Quite high prices for standard software


  • Developments like these will increase the power of huge organizations like microsoft


  • Software developers
  • Business ICT managers


  • No information is needed to understand this driving force.

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