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Personality traits influence the usage of the Internet as communication medium. Characteristics like level of self-esteem and shyness affect the interpersonal communication habits of people and therefore also the time spent on the Internet.

As the life around us changes rapidly, personal traits might also change in the future or at least show a shift of importance. E.G. flatter management structures force employees to show leadership and decision makting abilities. Therefore personal traits like motivation and sense for responsibility are becoming more important. This in effect might influence people's communication behavior and the usage of the Internet.


 1. Access of Technology and IT applications in Developing countries

This factor influences the way business is carried out and the way of communication. As business is done more electronically, people have to adapt their skills and - at least to a certain extent - also their attitudes and personal characteristics to the demands in their job. Therefore, the higher the access to IT in developing countries, the more the personality traits will shift in developing countries.

2. Globalization

Globalization determines the "closeness" between people of different cultures and the level of intercultural communication and collaboration. As people from different cultural backgrounds also differ in personal traits, it is very likely that the more intercultural mingling occurs the more personal traits are influenced and change.


The enablers are also inhibitors for this driving force. The less the environment changes, i.e. the lower the access rates to IT and the slower globalization gets, the less personal traits are influenced.


Old: Personal traits will not change rapidly, but only on a really long-term time scale.

New: Rapid changes of the environment will also lead to faster changes of people's behavior.


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