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Currently authors and their created works are treated as two lawful entities. For one, the created expression of knowledge or art is treated differently than the creator him/herself. Personality rights are based on the lawful right to claim that he or she is the initial creator of it. These rights are not transferrable these days, they are affixed to the creators. However, how long may this be? Also, there may be a change in other rights, restriction or expansion.


  • Globalisation of economies
  • Rights of publishers increase


  • Governments refuse to change
  • Local legislation supersedes
  • Refusal to cooperate by the authors


Currently there is a big ongoing debate about the rights of software developers within companies. The rights of the programmers are that they have the right to be mentioned in the list of authors in the disclaimer of the package. Through their contract however, the authors explicitly transpose their exploitation rights to their employers.

This is the same for editors and authors in news and magazine business. Their name still holds a prominent place in all publications, but it may be very possible that both software companies and publishers will not want to accredit individuals, but let the credit befall the company/business itself.


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