Antiretroviral Therapy Programme for South Africa

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There are about 34 million people living with HIV around the globe. 23 million of those are living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Amongst those almost 6 million are from South Africa, which has total population of 50 million people.
Every year 250,000 people in SA dies because of AIDS (which is 0.5% of total population).


Get financing for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Program for South Africa.

ART Program

Costs for 6 year ART program are estimated as $1.1 billion for year 2010 and increasing each year, approaching $3 billion in year 2016. Total amount of required financing is $15 billion.

Football World Cup 2010

To organise World Cup 2010 it was required to build some additional stadiums. After the cup those stadiums are not of big use for the country, since sports like football are not so popular in South Africa. SA government invested $900 million to build 3 new stadiums. Those money are almost 90% of financing for the first year of ART program.

Exports and army

Gold an platinum are two of the main exports of South Africa. Total amount of revenues of those two exports is about$20 billion per year.
Military spendings in South Africa are almost $4 billion per year. In total gold/platinum export and military spendings are $24 billion per year. If it would be possible to allocate just 5% of this amount this will provide $8.4 billion after 6 years.

Shadow Economy

Shadow economy sector is estimated for South Africa round 30% of GDP. While GDP of the country is around $300 billion shadow sector will be equal to $90 billion.
If it would be possible to shrink shadow sector by legal measures only on 2%, it would give after taxes additional $0.9 billion per year or $6.3 billion after 6 years.


Mentioned above measures could provide $0.9 + $8.4 + $6.3 billions in 7 years. This equals to the total amount of $15.6 billions, which is even more than actually required for the ART program.


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