Young Generation in South Korea

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Young Generation means between 17 and 19 years old who has very sensitive feelings. Also they create new life style which does not have any relations with traditional values. Contrary to the parents generation, they have individualism,sensitive thinking, egoism, Open views to the others.


-. Stable income

-. Enough time to enjoy their life

-. Focusing on the use value not possession value

-. Pursuing a new type of life - not so eager to overcome hardship


-. Increasing the jobless-rate in advanced country.

-. Because of their strong character they might not work as a group

-.They have to assist and support their parents generation.

-.Low ratio of male against female


-. Before  : they were treated as a student or children, do not have enough money to buy and can not decide by themselves

-. Now : because of the low birth rate, they were grown as a treasure in the family and influenced IT and computer technology. They would like to decide by themselves.


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-. Korean juvenile research


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