The future of Retailing

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Future of Retailing

A 1st glance scenario exploration hosted by KONE Corporation. On 1, 2 and 3 December some of the most interesting thinkers on retailing will come together at the Royal College of Arts in London to explore how retailing will develop in mature markets.

Preparatory research:

Interviews In preparation for this workshop the following people are being interviewed:

Paco Underhill (sound recording of the interview)

On the street What are the views on the Street Views Jukka and Daniel travelled the streets of Manhattan to look at new retailing concepts that might give us early indicators of future developments

Driving Forces In addition we are doing some desk research to develop views on the future: RFID Technology Metrogroup as a very optimistic view of [the future of the grocery shopping]. Some [cool videos]. They work on 4 themes: Mobility, Efficiency, Virtuality and Personalization. The critique is that it seem geared to position RFID as a key technology in the space. The question is of course [will customers accept this technology?]