RSM MBA 2009 Scenarios

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Future of China in 2030
Future of Europe to 2030
Future of Advertising in 2015
Future of Russia in 2030
future of sustainability 2030


50% Group work (final scenarios)
40% Individual work (survey, learning log, driving forces, strategic challenge)
10% Class participation (virtual and physical)

Numbers that Matter

present for 5 minutes as a group a short case based on numerical analysis of an existing popular assumption of the world that will get us to rethink current barriers

Driving Forces

As an individual define 2 driving forces and improve 2 driving forces

Learning Log

Make a map of your learning process by picking variables group process: group roles (interchange), advocacy-listening, who talks the most, cultural personal development: reflexivity, emotions, difficulty content: subjective view of possible futures, many/few, divergence/convergence, deductive thinking, inductive thinking, sites visited,

learning: key learning moments, insights

Write a less than 3000 word essay on your learning in the course

Learning Maps

put you name here

Gerrit Ledderhof

Learning Essays

put you name here