Power of Information-anywhere, everywhere

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In todays digital world people and organizations are striving for the need of information all the time to improve their business performance and to stay comnnected at all times. Wi-Fi is an answer to this requirement as it is not bound by the limitations of wires. Imagine a sales person being able to access the company intranet from the customer site to make a proposal , look up for key information from the database etc. In the fast changing world with increased competition people need information all the time. when they are travelling, when they are driving, when they are at home , when they are on a vacation , when they are in the airlines, or trains or restaurants they need information and everytime. the power of Wi-Fi can make thi possible by providing access to the internet anywhere and everywhere. Firms and corporations who can provide these facilities to their employees, customers and suppliers will have an upper hand as compared to their competitors.

Even in the simplest usage at home, imagine accessing the internet from a fixed location and imagine accessing the emails from anywhere in the house, sitting on the sofa or the living room or the kitchen without any wires and different connections. This is the power of Wi-Fi which can help to access information from anywhere without the inconvenience of wiring the entire location.

For business travelers hot spots have been placed at hotels, airports, train stations and cafes to help them access critical information everytime. But companies like Boingo and Vivato are making internet access for larger areas and complete cities. As stated by CEO of vivato, Ken Biba that "You'd need just 30 to 50 Vivato switches to turn all of Dartmouth into a hot spot. And it may go further than that". This shows that the critical information required by the people will be available anywhere and everywhere.