Importance of learning increases over protection

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In some countries the need for a knowledge economy and the need for growth is so important, that the local concensus is that copyrights are subjective to the need for economic growth. Laws are then ignored.


  • Need for economic growth
  • Knowledge
  • Cost reduction


  • Need for foreign economic reliability
  • Piracy creates trading embargos


When a country wants to develop itself economically, one of the most important sources of excellence is knowledge. Through knowledge additional technologies can be adopted to produce, service and trade. When an economy is at a start of its development, high investments must be made to allow for learning. Along with this, (e-)books are needed to distribute knowledge.

When costs of these books are too high, an economy may decide to ignore the rights and copyrights and pursue an "illegal" practice of copying and distribution, without paying for the royalties due.



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