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We are the MBA students from the Amsterdam Business School UvA. Our Group comprises of:

  1. Edurne Ozaeta
  2. Jacob Oskam
  3. Murat Ögat
  4. Magali Bongrand


With more that 100 million broadband users the underlying access technology of the internet is changing. This enables a new set of applications, new business models and the revisiting of old business models. People today spend four times as much time on the internet as in the heydays of 2000. Very different conceptions of broadband access. Several of the cable and television and telecoms companies see broadband as distribution means for, television, similar to the airwaves, but in this case allowing for pay for view access of the content, therefore would like high downstream speeds and low upstream speed. Internet companies (Google, Yahoo, Amazon) see this as interactive infrastructure and therefore want more synchronous (i.e. equal up and downstream speeds). The current debate of net neutrality, is the start of the coming painful convergence of television, music and telephony on the internet and IP as a base architecture.


We consider the following questions crucial in understanding the broadband technology and it's future:

  1. Basic
  2. Current
  3. Trend
  4. Future

These are elaborated in next section.


Basic Questions on Broadband

  • What is broadband?
  • What are the advantages of broadband?
  • What are the techniques available?

Current Issues in Broadband

  • What are the current usages of broadband?
  • What is the current broadband penetration?
  • Who are the main players?
  • what are the main bottlenecks to broadband diffusion?
  • How is the internal rivalry among the main players?

Trends in Broadband

  • What broadband techniques will emerge in the future?
  • Will the emerging broadband-over-powerline (BPL) technology be successful?
  • What are the future opportunities of broadband?
  • Will the limited availabilty of broadband in under-developed countries limit their development?
  • What will be the issues raised in mass multimedia download and sharing related to broadband growth?
  • When will hardware bottlenecks limit the growth of broadband?
  • When will the marginal utility of increased bandwidth be negligible?
  • What security problems arise by the combination of fast computational speed limits and broadband communications?
  • What problems have to be solved before broadband communication can be used as a substitute to other ways of communication?


Speed of Broadband

Applications of Broadband

Penetration of Broadband



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