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*[[A growing market during a recession]]
*[[Shift to Alternative Energy Sources]]
*[[Business in Society]]
*[[Chinese Families' economic condition]]
*[[Competitiveness through innovation in the technology industry]]
*[[Cost of Setting up a Wi-Fi Network ]]
*[[Crisis of the capitalism]]
*[[Declining Dollar]]
*[[Decrease of revenues in lowlands from national gas fields]]
*[[Digital Literacy]]
*[[E-commerce in developing countries]]
*[[Economic Growth in China]]
*[[Decrease labor productivity in health care]]
*[[Growth of developing markets]]
*[[Economies of scale]]
*[[Energy crisis in Asia]]
*[[European integration]]
*[[European Labour Market]]
*[[Global Labour Market]]
*[[Huge difference between the western and the eastern part of China]]
*[[Imbalance of Global Supply and Demand]]
*[[Increase of IPO activity in US stock exchange market]]
*[[Influence of the World Trade Organization (WTO)]]
*[[Information Markets & Gambling]]
*[[Internal consumption in US]]
*[[Oil price]]
*[[Online Gaming Business]]
*[[Open Source]]
*[[Poverty and Economic Disparities]]
*[[Products are Turned Into Services]]
*[[Reduce IT-infrastructure cost]]
*[[Reduction of organizational and technological complexity]]
*[[Sophisticated logistics system and distribution channel]]
*[[Struggling old world economy]]
*[[Support from international companies]]
*[[Sustainable Development & Global Economy]]
*[[The Increase of the United States Budget Deficit]]
*[[The Rise of the Long Tail]]
*[[UK House Prices]]
*[[Decrease of the relative share of the US economy in the global economy]]
*[[The High Price of Computer Systems]]
*[[The increasing role of barter in the global economy]]
*[[The increasing globalization of markets]]
*[[The increasing gap between developed, emerging and poor economies]]
*[[The increasing effect of the development of technology on the global economy]]
*[[The effect of Brazil's economy on the global economy]]
*[[The Rise of BRIC Economies]]
*[[China's economic productivity growth]]
*[[China's accumulated capital as the driving force of the economic growth]]
*[[Iranian Oil Bourse]]
*[[Wider economic divide]]
*[[Increasing empowerment of consumers]]
*[[China becoming the largest economy]]
*[[Rising costs of labour in China]]
*[[International Trade of goods]]
*[[The cost of freight shipping]]
*[[The increased importance of online corporate branding]]
*[[Financing and costs of the Dutch health care system]]
*[[The power of insurance companies in health care]]
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