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Drivingforces.jpg A driving forces is a conceptual tool that help us understand deep trends working in the world, that have an effect on the terrain of your focal issue. Below is an introduction how to determine a driving force, a template to fill in and instructions how to upload your driving forces. These where originally meant for students, but can of course be used by anyone.

How to determine a driving force?
Driving Forces Template
How to Upload a Driving Force

Political Driving Forces

Driving forces you will find here include:

An Open China, Control of the Internet, Economic Growth in China, Islamic Fundamentalism, Power of the United Nations, Proliferation of nuclear weapons and World Unification
Economic Driving Forces

Includes the following driving forces:
E-commerce in developing countries, Crisis of the capitalism, Competitiveness through innovation in the technology industry, Open Source, Declining Dollar, Chinese Families' economic condition and Alternative energy sources

Societal Driving Forces

Driving forces in this section include:

Aging population, Chinese people's increasing leisure time, Community Feeling, Digital Literacy, Future Value of an MBA, Increasing Mobility, My job is not the only thing in my life ANYMORE!!!! and Violence in computer games
Technological Driving Forces

Technical driving forces include:

Artificial Neural Networks, Disruptive Technology: Wireless Local Loop, Gaming Industry,Mobility, Nanotechnology, Peer-to-Peer Technology, The Rapid Increase in WiFi Transmission Rates, The war on Spy- and Ad ware and Voice-recognition system
Environmental Driving Forces

Including driving forces like:
Greenhouse gases emissions trading, Global Dimming, Acid Rain, E-paper solution instead of the paper work and The change of children playing sports to children playing videogames