Which are the main publishing companies worldwide?

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The top 10 book publishers in the US are as follows of 2001
1. Mc-Graw Hill (18.32% market share)
2. Random House (Owned by Bertelsmann (6.9% market share)
3. Harcourt General (owned by Reed Elsevier Group) (9.5% market share)
4. Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck (8.7% market share)
5. Scholastic (7.7% market share)
6. Pearson (24.8% market share)
7. Houghton Mifflin (owned by Vivendi Universal Publishing) (4%)
8. HarperCollins (owned by News Corp (3.8%market share)
9. John Wiley (2.4% market share)
10.Simon & Schuster (owned by Viacom) (2.6% market share)
From these figures it can be surmised that the top 10 book publishers have 88.72% of the market.