What is the involvement of corporations in the educational system currently?

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Poor skills in writing, grammar and maths have been the main drivers behind the corporate involvement in education. Since the 50es, when 80% was unskilled, labour corporations have shown their concerns about the readiness of students to participate in the future business world.
An example of this is the US No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 included principles for reform advocated by the business community based on experience in promoting higher student achievement at the state level. Business support for this federal legislation went far beyond any previous involvement on federal education issues. CEOs and national business organizations like the National Alliance of Business, National Association of Manufacturers, American Electronics Association, and The Business Roundtable were convinced that the time was right for federal legislation that linked resources and accountability. If properly implemented, it could help accelerate reforms at the state and local levels that were beginning to show results. In part because the legislation requires schools to disaggregate student achievement data by major student subgroups and holds schools accountable for achievement gains by each of these student groups, business leaders and civil rights organizations were among the most passionate advocates for the bill's passage.