The Future of Privacy in 2015

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Privacy in itself is a term often used, but never defined clearly. Psychologists, philosophers, scientists and linguists debate over the meaning. Aside from the ambiguity of the meaning of the word, there is much changing in the field of privacy. The question is: Where will privacy be, as an issue, in 2015? To answer this question extensive research has to be done first into different aspects of privacy: What is done against it, what is done to create privacy invasion, what rules are set, how do different people value privacy, etc. Upon answering these questions, scenarios will be created for the world of privacy in the future.

Research & Information

Driving Forces

Driving forces categorized by PEST factors method.
Every driving force in the categories below are built up out of predetermined constituents: Description, Enablers, Inhibitors, Paradigms, Experts, Timing, and Web Resources



  1. immigration - Growing immigration in the western countries
  2. European_Union - Growing European Union
  3. cybercrime - Upcoming internet criminality (cybercrime)


  1. War on terror - War on terror
  2. Terrorism - Terrorism
  3. Global Terrorism - Global Terrorism
  4. Control of the Internet - Control over the internet



  1. Electrical component costs - Cheaper integration of cameras or audio-recording equipment
  2. Disclosure for tax purposes - Information disclosure
  3. Exchange rates - Cheaper wholesale of electrical components, leading to cheaper integration
  4. Purchasing power - A country with high purchasing power can spend more on invading or preventing physical invasion of privacy


  1. Digital Literacy
  2. Energy crisis in Asia



  1. Globalization - improvement on existing Driving Force
  2. Curiosity to cultural differences
  3. Increasing individualization
  4. Increasing Demand for new types of entertainment


  1. Mobility
  2. Increasing social isolation
  3. The Globalization of Culture (or Cultural Globalization)
  4. Community Feeling
  5. Chinese people's increasing leisure time
  6. Movement Towards World Unification
  7. Urbanization and Social Status



  1. Data Warehousing
  2. Digital ID
  3. introduction of RFID
  4. Mass digitalization
  5. ISP Snooping


  1. Virtual Communities
  2. GPS Evolution
  3. Increasing Use of e-Commerce
  4. The Increasing Use of Internet
  5. Reduction of organizational and technological complexity
  6. The war on Spy- and Ad ware
  7. Whereabout the fourth generation mobile technology


Systems diagram

Version 1 - 'Brainstorm' edition

In order to start creating a system diagram, the initial, unmodified driving forces were mapped into a 'brainstorm' system diagram.

Version 1 of the brainstormed system diagram

This version seemed to revolve around two concepts; Globalization and Terror(ism). Feedback provided lead to the conclusion that:
A) Globalization should be split up into more defined driving forces
B) Globalization and terrorism are on their own very complex topics at this moment, so they require further in-depth research.
C) Politic, as found as a driving force, is a category. An actual driving force must be specified from this category.
Terrorism is something most people associative with the rhetoric as presented by the media, however, there is a difference between the reality and the rhetoric. Our task is to find our the difference so we can correctly find some distilled driving forces.
This version will be improved upon once the extra research has been completed and posted as version 2 below.

Version 2 - Completing

Version 2 of the brainstormed system diagram

This is the second version of out system diagram. The two centered spots we had in the first diagram are now worked out. We changed 'terror' in 'perception of terror' and 'Globalization' is worked out in several new parts. A lot of aspects still missing though.
Planning for version 3:

  • Clear inhibitor/enabler distinction
  • Improved edge naming
  • More driving forces
  • Logic fixes

Version 3 - Semi-Final

Version 3, and the semi-final systems diagram

This is the semi-final version of the systems diagram. Messy, but complete. However there is always room for more loops and additions, but through feedback loops and other control mechanisms we managed to keep it to a minimum.


look forward to seeing them, like how you are getting to the bottom of this issue!

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

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