The Future of Mobile Telecommunications in Korea 2010

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Group Composition

Our members are as below..

  • Pyo, Kwang Joon
  • Choi, Hack Soo
  • Kim, Yang Mi
  • Yang, Yoon Seon


SK Telecom(SKT) and KT Freetel(KTF) provide voice, data and various value-added services as the 1st and the 2nd wireless operator in Korea. Korean wireless telecommunications market is facing new challenges including saturated subscriber and voice revenue, WCDMA and Wibro(Wireless Broadband Internet) service started on July this year, increasing DMB demands, etc. At this time, we will research and find drive forces of wireless telecommunications and develop the plausible scenarios in the future. Our team has 4 members working for SKT, KTF and Korea Institute of Design Promotion. We expect that we can share various view points.

Research Questions

  • Bargaining power of channels or end user

1. What does mean recent increase of online open market to operator?

2. What is the future effects of the pressure of decreasing service price?

  • Bargaining power of suppliers

3. How portals will make their revenue from wireless Internet?

4. Will T-DMB become a major service?

5. How to make a new growth engine in the mobile internet business?

6. How will mobile operators make a blue ocean in the saturated mobile market at present?

7. What is maximum number of mobile subscribers in Korea?

8. How can make profits from DMB service for mobile operators?

9. Can mobile operators create and have initiative on the mobile advertising market?

  • Threat of substitute products or services

10. Why mobile companies concern about the mobile VoIP service?

11. Will Wibro sevice become a dominant service? Wibro vs. HSDPA

12. Is it possible to change from a mobile company to an entertainment company?

  • Rivalry among existing competitors

13. Will the revenue of wireless Internet increase consistently?

14. How fast will the HSDPA service replace the CDMA?

15. Will SK Telecom succeed in global business?

16. as a third player, LG Telecom's future will be?

  • Others

17. Which service is more valuable for customers between HSDPA and Wibro?

18. What is the ethic problem in delivering Telecommunication Service?

19. How to make successful mobile internet business?

20. Is it possible to change from a mobile company to an entertainment company?

Driving forces

DE: Good start on the driving forces, but please use the template and the instructions in the DF section, it ensures consistency of all of the 200+ driving forces.

1. Open transaction in contents distribution

2. Promissing contents development in wired Internet

3. T-DMB service penetration rate


5. Globalization

6. Government Policy


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