The Future of Console Based Games 2010

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Ender Atalay
Shahid Butt
Marnix Eedens
Prewies Gaja
Richard Gerding
Kammi Heydari


Duck hunt- a Nintendo game

Remember i like japan because its gay but anyway the dusty yellow days of Duck Hunt, where ducks where flying on your screen while you were shooting with your gun. It was not long before Nintendo days soon gave way to Sega nights and eight bits became sixteen. Mario met Yoshi, Sonic met Tails, and gamers met the new generation of the console wars. The bits kept doubling and doubling, and the gaming industry kept on growing.

Some may wonder what the new generation of consoles has to offer that was not available before. The incredible speeds of the new processors allow for amazingly lifelike graphics and wonderful special effects like realistic smoke, water, reflections, and animations. Giving game developers the tools to create any world imaginable brought gaming to new levels.

Now, in 2005, three contenders the Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Xbox are ready to battle it out to conquer the home console market. Nintendo, the long time champion of home entertainment, is back with a renewed version after their last system, the Nintendo 64. This video console did not meet sales expectations. About four years ago, Sony introduced the PlayStation 2, which was to be the bigger and older brother of the PlayStation, a console that made its way into one out of every five homes in America. New to the console market is Microsoft. Bill Gates and his partners has poured his resources into creating the Xbox, a high speed, powerful gaming machine.

Topic Selection
In the first case we made a top three of choices to research this included terrorism and internet dating. After discussing the topics we came to the conclusion that the gaming industry was the way to go for us, as we are all active gamers. In addtion, we as group are hungry to know how the future of console based games will look like in 2010.

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Research questions

  1. What are the expected technologies in next generation consoles?
  2. How does the Interactive Entertainment Market look like in the future?
  3. Who are playing games and what are they playing?
  4. What are the possibilities of security on the gaming console and the games? How can it be improved to prevent piracy in the next generation game consoles?
  5. Will there be a trend where more people focus on outdoor activities/sport? How does this influence the amount of time people spend on gaming?
  • Why is there an growing amount of overweight children and how does this relate to videogames?
  • Are videogames addictive?
  • Will the growing health trend effect the gaming industry?
  • What are the ongoing developments regarding 'active-games'?
  • Will sports and games be competitors or will they co-operate?

6.What are the influences of the government and the media on the gaming console industry?

  • What is the role of the media in the gaming industry?
  • What are the concerns about computer games?
  • Why is there an increasing concern about computer games?
  • Which genres of games have the highest rate of prohibition?
  • Do computer games influence the social behaviour of gamers?
  • Do computer games have an effect on the health?
  • Are there other factors that may change the nature of games?
  • What are the Goverment policies on gaming?

7. What are the influences of possible economic recession on the gaming console market? What can be done to anticipate this?

  • What is the effect on the game market in case of a recession in Europe?
  • What is the effect on the game market in case of a recession in Japan/Asia?
  • What is the effect on the game market in case of a recession in the U.S.A?
  • How did the game industry response during previous recessions?

8. What new game experiences can be expected? (Virtual Reality)

  • What is virtual reality?
  • Does virtual reality have a different level of experience than playing a gami consule?
  • Is virtual reality a new phenomenon?
  • How "real" is virtual reality?
  • Which technological development are necessary to make virtual reality commercial attractive?
  • How can virtual reality benifit game consoles?
  • How can virtual reality become a substitute for the game console?

Other questions:
1. How are games developed?

  • What is the influence of different cultures on gaming?
  • How will the shift in age of the ptm influence the gaming industry?
  • What kind of games will be HOT for the ptm in the future?
    - retro games, online games, America vs china
  • Which trends can be recognized in the development of games? (size, graphics, amount of programmers)?
  • Which trends can be recognized in the different kinds of game play? What can be expected in the future?

Driving Forces


Scenario diagram

Scenario 1: WIN-WIN-WIN

Scenario 2: Government rules, Business counterattacks

Scenario 3: Big Brother, new chances

System Diagram

System diagram