Technological Driving Forces

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(Idle) Computer Processing Power

Artificial Neural Networks


Convergence of Telecommunication, Media & entertainment and Information technology

Cost of Computer Resources

Data-intensive Computing

Decline of (R&D) cooperation between public and private

Decrease in investments in R&D

Decrease of Highly Educated Technology Workforce

Development of 3G techonology

Development of informatiion search technologies

Disruptive Technology: Wireless Local Loop

Embedded Systems

Emergence of e-Science

Gaming Industry

GPS Evolution

Homographic Modeling

Increasing Use of e-Commerce


Low cost of Internet Connections



Need for common programming platform

Network Bandwidth

Network Latencies

Parallel Computing

Peer-to-Peer Technology

Power Line Communication

Preventing game piracy: Digital Rights Management

Programming standards

Programming standards

Reduction of organizational and technological complexity

Technological convergence

The Future of TV

The Improvements in Security of WiFi Transmissions

The Increasing Use of Internet

The increasing use of modchips and emulators

The Rapid Increase in WiFi Transmission Rates

The rise of home entertainment systems

The TV Set becomes the Computer

The war on Spy- and Ad ware

Uses for the net

Very large-scale simulation

Virtual Communities

Voice over Wi-Fi (Vo-Wi-Fi) will be released

Voice-recognition system

Whereabout the fourth generation mobile technology

Widespread use of voice over IP (and specifically the introduction of Skype)



The increase of digital developing functions in a mobile phone

The development 0f a Robot helping household affairs

Prospect of Flexible Display

Development of System on Display