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[[Increasing Neglect of the Elderly]]
[[Increasing Neglect of the Elderly]]
[[Increasing quantity of non-critical/populist media]]
[[Increasing social isolation]]
[[Increasing social isolation]]

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Access of Technology and IT applications in Developing countries

Aging population

Buying preferences

Change of personal traits

Chinese people's increasing leisure time

Community Feeling

Computer games and health issues

Consumer health informatics in the information age

Decreasing attention for software development

Digital Literacy

Emergence of new Technology Related Diseases

Decline in Ethnic Integration in The Netherlands

Future Value of an MBA

Growing privacy and security concerns

How violence spoils your child

Increasing Empowerment of Consumers in Healthcare System

Increasing Mobility

Increasing Neglect of the Elderly

Increasing quantity of non-critical/populist media

Increasing social isolation

Increase in Stress of Adult Workers in The Netherlands

Islamic Fundamentalism

Liberalization of the Dutch health care market

Media Globalization


Medium for Dissidence

My job is not the only thing in my life ANYMORE!!!!

Need for Information On Demand

People's need for communication and information


Power of Information-anywhere, everywhere



Suicide Bombings in Israel

The Globalization of Culture (or Cultural Globalization)

The growing population of overweight people

Urbanization and Social Status

Violence in computer games

Virtual Integration

Wireless is better than wire

Worldwide and higher lifelong education

Increasing the portion of aging people in south Korea

Young Generation in South Korea

ageing population : Retirement

ageing people : Retirement